Reading Group Papers ##37-50

  1. Fault-tolerant and transactional stateful serverless workflows – December 23rd [YouTube]
  2. Toward a Generic Fault Tolerance Technique for Partial Network Partitioning – January 6th [Summary] [YouTube]
  3. hXDP: Efficient Software Packet Processing on FPGA NICs – January 13th – [Summary] [YouTube]
  4. Virtual Consensus in Delos – January 20th [Summary] [YouTube]
  5. A large scale analysis of hundreds of in-memory cache clusters at Twitter – January 27th [Summary] [YouTube]
  6. Cobra: Making Transactional Key-Value Stores Verifiably Serializable – February 3rd [Summary][YouTube]
  7. Microsecond Consensus for Microsecond Applications  – February 10th [Summary][YouTube]
  8. Performance-Optimal Read-Only Transactions – February 17th [Summary][YouTube]
  9. Pegasus: Tolerating Skewed Workloads in Distributed Storage with In-Network Coherence Directories – February 24th [Summary][YouTube]
  10. FlightTracker: Consistency across Read-Optimized Online Stores at Facebook – March 3rd [Summary][YouTube]
  11. Heterogeneity-Aware Cluster Scheduling Policies for Deep Learning Workloads – March 10th [Summary][YouTube]
  12. Sundial: Fault-tolerant Clock Synchronization for Datacenters – March 17th [Summary][YouTube]
  13. Protean: VM Allocation Service at Scale – March 24th [Summary][YouTube]
  14. Aragog: Scalable Runtime Verification of Shardable Networked Systems – March 31st [Summary][YouTube]