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Welcome to the DistSys Reading Group! Every week we present and discuss one distributed systems paper. We try to focus on relatively new papers, although we occasionally break this rule for some important older publications. The main objective of this group is to share knowledge through discussion. Our participants come from academia and industry and often carry a unique perspective and expertise on the subject matter.


We start each meeting with a short presentation of the paper by one of the group members. We record the presentation and later upload it to YouTube for the general audience. After the presentation, we move into a group discussion of the paper. This part is not on the record to make sure we can speak freely about the topic and the paper. However, I write a moderated discussion summary for each meeting and post it here. All the summaries are available via the “Summary” link next to the paper title. To see the archive of past meetings, scroll down to the “Past Meetings” section below.

Meeting Info

Current Schedule (Papers ##141-150)

Below is a list of papers for the fall term of the distributed systems reading group.

Omni-Paxos: Breaking the Barriers of Partial Connectivity (EuroSys’23)

  • Authors: Harald Ng, Seif Haridi, Paris Carbone
  • What: Multi-Paxos flavor with better tolerance for partial network partitions
  • When: August 30th

Hyrax: Fail-in-Place Server Operation in Cloud Platforms (OSDI’23)

  • Authors: Jialun Lyu, Marisa You, Celine Irvene, Mark Jung, Tyler Narmore, Jacob Shapiro, Luke Marshall, Savyasachi Samal, Ioannis Manousakis, Lisa Hsu, Preetha Subbarayalu, Ashish Raniwala, Brijesh Warrier, Ricardo Bianchini, Bianca Schroeder, Daniel S. Berger
  • What: “Datacenter stack that enables compute servers with failed components to continue hosting VMs while hiding the underlying degraded capacity and performance”
  • When: September 6th

Aggregate VM: Why Reduce or Evict VM’s Resources When You Can Borrow Them From Other Nodes? (EuroSys’23)

  • Authors: Ho-Ren Chuang, Karim Manaouil, Tong Xing, Antonio Barbalace, Pierre Olivier, Balvansh Heerekar, Binoy Ravindran
  • What: VMs with resources aggregated across multiple physical hosts
  • When: September 13th

Take Out the TraChe: Maximizing (Tra)nsactional Ca(che) Hit Rate (OSDI’23)

  • Authors: Audrey Cheng, David Chu, Terrance Li, Jason Chan, Natacha Crooks, Joseph M. Hellerstein, Ion Stoica
  • What: Object hit rate does not matter if transactions still touches non-cached objects.
  • When: September 20th

Chardonnay: Fast and General Datacenter Transactions for On-Disk Databases (OSDI’23)

  • Authors: Tamer Eldeeb, Xincheng Xie, Philip A. Bernstein, Asaf Cidon, Junfeng Yang
  • What: Another fast 2PC paper
  • When: September 27th

Distributed Transactions at Scale in Amazon DynamoDB (ATC’23)

  • Authors: Joseph Idziorek, Alex Keyes, Colin Lazier, Somu Perianayagam, Prithvi Ramanathan, James Christopher Sorenson III, Doug Terry, Akshat Vig
  • What: See the title
  • When: October 4th

Palette Load Balancing: Locality Hints for Serverless Functions (EuroSys’23)

  • Authors: Mania Abdi, Sam Ginzburg, Charles Lin, Jose M Faleiro, Íñigo Goiri, Gohar Irfan Chaudhry,Ricardo Bianchini, Daniel S. Berger, Rodrigo Fonseca
  • What: Data locality hints for better caching in serverless runtimes.
  • When: October 18th

Oakestra: A Lightweight Hierarchical Orchestration Framework for Edge Computing (ATC’23)

  • Authors: Giovanni Bartolomeo, Mehdi Yosofie, Simon Bäurle, Oliver Haluszczynski, Nitinder Mohan, Jörg Ott
  • What: Orchestration frameworks (e.g. Kubernetes) for the edge
  • When: October 25th

On-demand Container Loading in AWS Lambda (ATC’23)

  • Authors: Marc Brooker, Mike Danilov, Chris Greenwood, Phil Piwonka
  • What: See the title
  • When: November 1st

Model Checking Guided Testing for Distributed Systems (EuroSys’23)

  • Authors: Dong Wang, Wensheng Dou, Yu Gao, Chenao Wu, Jun Wei, Tao Huang
  • What: Testing guided by the state space generated by the model checker
  • When: November 8th

Past Meetings

Past Special Sessions

  1. Building Distributed Systems With StaterightMarch 30th @ 1pm EST – Jon Nadal.
  2. Distributed Transactions in YugabyteDBMay 11th @12pm EST – Karthik Ranganathan.
  3. Fast General Purpose Transactions in Apache Cassandra – February 9thth @ 2 pm EST – Benedict Elliott Smith
  4. Scalability and Fault Tolerance in YDBAugust 10th @ 2pm EST – Andrey Fomichev