Summer 2024 Reading Group Papers (Papers ##171-180)

This is a list of papers for the DistSys reading group summer term. The schedule is also available on our Google Calendar.

  • BigLake: BigQuery’s Evolution toward a Multi-Cloud Lakehouse [SIGMOD’24]
    • What: cloud-native, multi-cloud disaggregated lakehouse with BigQuery support and enterprise data warehouse features
    • Authors: Justin Levandoski, Garrett Casto, Mingge Deng, Rushabh Desai, Pavan Edara, Thibaud Hottelier, Amir Hormati, Anoop Johnson, Jeff Johnson, Dawid Kurzyniec, Sam McVeety, Prem Ramanathan, Gaurav Saxena, Vidya Shanmugam, Yuri Volobuev
    • When: June 27th
  • Automatic Root Cause Analysis via Large Language Models for Cloud Incidents [EuroSys’24]
    • What: LLMs doing on-call triage and root-cause analysis.
    • Authors: Yinfang Chen, Huaibing Xie, Minghua Ma, Yu Kang, Xin Gao, Liu Shi, Yunjie Cao, Xuedong Gao, Hao Fan, Ming Wen, Jun Zeng, Supriyo Ghosh, Xuchao Zhang, Chaoyun Zhang, Qingwei Lin, Saravan Rajmohan, Dongmei Zhang, Tianyin Xu
    • When: July 18th
  • SplitFT: Fault Tolerance for Disaggregated Datacenters via Remote Memory Logging [EuroSys’24]
    • What: fault tolerance mechanism that splits large writes/updates and small ones, such that large operations persist in a disaggregated cloud storage, while small ones replicate in memory on compute nodes with spare memory capacity.
    • Authors: Xuhao Luo, Ramnatthan Alagappan, Aishwarya Ganesan
    • When: August 15th
  • SkyPIE: A Fast & Accurate Oracle for Object Placement [SIGMOD’24]
    • What: a precomputed object placement oracle for cloud geography, possible workloads, and placement policies.
    • Authors: Tiemo Bang, Chris Douglas, Natacha Crooks, Joseph M. Hellerstein
    • When: August 22nd
  • Lion: Minimizing Distributed Transactions through Adaptive Replica Provision [ICDE’24]
    • What: Reducing the occurrence of distributed (i.e., cross-partition) transactions by adaptive assignment/provisioning of partition replicas to host, such that the chance that a multi-partition transaction has at least one machine hosting a replica of each partition.
    • Authors: Qiushi Zheng, Zhanhao Zhao, Wei Lu, Chang Yao, Yuxing Chen, Anqun Pan, Xiaoyong Du
    • When: September 12th

Reading Group

Our reading group takes place over Zoom every Thursday at 1:00 pm EST. We have a slack group where we post papers, hold discussions, and most importantly manage Zoom invites to paper discussions. Please join the slack group to get involved!