Planetary-Scale Systems Seminar Spring 2021

This spring semester I am teaching an exciting seminar class: “Planetary-Scale Systems.” I will start the seminar with a 4 lectures long crash course to get my students on the same page, but the bulk of the class will be paper presentations and discussions. The format is similar to the zoom reading group I am running.

The class meets twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. On day one, we will have a paper presentation, followed by a class discussion. On day two we take the discussion up a notch and dive deeper into 2-3 select topics/questions from day one. The time should also allow students to prepare for the in-depth discussion.

Speaking of preparing, all students should read the paper and ask questions before day one to help drive the discussion. Similar applies to the in-depth discussion, as each student is expected to contribute to the discussion. 

Overall, we will cover 11 papers, roughly broken down into 3 groups. The papers are as follow:

Planetary Scale Storage

Planetary-Scale Analytics & ML