Recent Reading Group Meetings

Reading Group. Autoscaling Tiered Cloud Storage in Anna.

This week we looked at “Autoscaling Tiered Cloud Storage in Anna.” This is the second Anna paper. The first one introduces Anna Key-Value store, and the second paper talks about various “cloud-native” improvements. The presentation by Michael Whittaker is available here: Short Summary Anna is an eventual-consistent key-value data store, where each value is a […]

Reading Group Paper List. Papers ##37-50

This week we are on the 35th paper in our reading group. We will be discussing “Autoscaling Tiered Cloud Storage in Anna” from VLDB 2019. It is exciting that the reading group has managed to go through this many papers since we have started in April!  Today I and Murat have sat down and picked […]

Reading Group. Compositional Programming and Testing of Dynamic Distributed Systems

We have resumed the reading group after one week of Thanksgiving break. On Wednesday, we have discussed “Compositional Programming and Testing of DynamicDistributed Systems.” This paper is on the edge between programming languages, distributed systems, and some formal methods/verification. The premise of the paper is to decompose large monolithic distributed programs into smaller pieces and […]

Ocean Vista: Gossip-Based Visibility Control for Speedy Geo-Distributed Transactions

Ocean Vista On Wednesday we had a presentation and discussion of the Ocean Vista (OV) replication and distributed transaction protocol. OV works in the WANs, where each region has all data-partitions, and transactions can originate in any region. OV separates replication from transaction execution, by making replication conflict-free with a FastPaxos-inspired protocol. For the transaction […]